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Barnens bibliotek (The Children's Library) is a Swedish national website promoting reading. The website is financed by the Swedish national Council for Cultural Affairs and administrated by Förvaltningen för kulturutveckling - The Region Västra Götaland cultural administration.
The Children's Library started in 1996.  We have approx. 1500 visitors a day. Many children's libraries and schools have the site as starting point on there computers for children.

The main target group is children and young people up to approx. age 14. Children are in several ways involved in and contributing to the site - as writers of book reviews and novels, as reporters, voices, Sign language actors and critics. They decide, through their questions and wishes, what new functions and pages we create.

You will find thousands of book reviews and novels by children.

The quizzes and contests always relate to books and reading. We write articles and news on children's books, authors and events.

There is no physical library connected to the Children's Library.

Exploring and using the website is free of charge. If they wish so, children can create there own personal profile page, create multipal book lists, read and write reviews and stories...

The website has a synthetic voice that reads the information.

 The Children´s Library consists of several part. Here are some of them described.


Since 2003 we host the national children's book catalogue summoning all books published for children and young people (not educational materials). 

In The Children's Book Catalogue you can write what you think about the book or create you own book list with the function "My books". You can listen to the book reviews or see several of them in sign language. You can search books by category or subject, find information about the author and find books similar to the shown book.

When children seek for more information about books they will find links to books and character webpages as well as authors and illustrators. Every mounth we introduce a author, with an interview, photos and books.

To the Writer´s Corner children can add their poems, rhymes, stories and comic strips. Information from publishers about publishing, a list of writing camps and some writing instructions and tips can also be found here. If you are a member you can administrate your stories, change or delete, make them visible for only yourself or for others.

At the Apple shelf you will find information about media for children with reading disabilities. The Apple Shelf informs teachers and parents about the different forms of media that libraries have for children with special needs: talking books, videos with sign language for deaf children, tactile books, Braille books and so on.
Read more at: appelhyllan.se

The Children's Library also have pages for professionals. We offer themes with book-lists and posters. 

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